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Dog Accommodation


Our comfy spacious kennels are all completely covered and secure in an air-conditioned and heated building.

Each of our kennels has adjoining sleeping quarters allowing the dogs both warmth and space and also a chat with the neighbours if they wish. Each room comes with its own trampoline bed, snuggly doggie doona, blanket, water bowl and of course a very high standard of cleanliness.

We have three different kennel sizes, small for the pocket rockets, standard for the medium-large dogs and large for the giant dogs or multiple pet families. The radio is left on all day for extra company and soothing music is played throughout the night to send them off to sleep with pleasant dreams.

All dogs are house individually unless from the same family. They must be able to  be fed together and not fight or harass one another to be eligible for twin share.

We will NOT house 2 entire male dogs in twin share accommodation.

In high energy environments such as kennels testosterone levels rise and dogs tend to become roudy and fight. We wish all our campers a happy visit therefore will not tollerate fighting between siblings. If any twin share dogs are seen to be fighting or harassing continuously, they will be moved into individual accommodation as soon as possible and owners will have to pay the difference upon collection of their pets. (we will also notify via email if this does become an issue)

We welcome any breed of dog OVER THE AGE OF 5 MONTHS (with the exception of Bull Terriers - see below) as long as they are fully vaccinated with a C5 Vaccination and wormed with an intestinal wormer.

(C5 = DHP or C3 + Intranasal KC)

*this covers Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Bordatella & Parainfluenza

Dogs on medication are more than happily catered for including diabetic/insulin dependent animals as our staff have veterinary nursing experience and are more than happy to cater to their needs. Medication MUST be provided in it's original prescibed packaging or it will not be accepted.

We prefer you not to bring any bedding or toys as we provide everything your fur-kids will need for the duration of their stay. You are however welcome to bring your pets favorite doggy jumper during the winter months for extra warmth.

(If your dog doesn't have one we can provide one free of charge on request, however, if your dog chews and destroys the jumper we ask for a small $15 replacement fee)

Stuffing/Bean filled beds are STRICTLY prohibited...


Breakfast:  Schmacko or Biscuit

Dinner:       Bonnie's or Supercoat Dry Biscuits with a gourmet mix of chicken                    mince, rice and vegetables

Christmas: Each guest recieves a special marrow bone or rawhide chew for                    Christmas


All dogs staying for a period of seven days or more will receive a complimentary bath prior to departure.

We also offer a range of optional extras such as marrow bones or pupsicles for your pet during their holiday (can be seen on optional extras page)


As we are a boarding facility, for the safety and comfort of our guests, we require all pets to be clean, well groomed and produce a current C5 vaccination certificate AT or PRIOR TO check-in.

Pets with badly matted hair, ticks, fleas or uncomfortably long nails will have matts removed and/or nails clipped or a tick wash during their stay at the owners expense. This will be payable upon check-out.

Our guests LOVE their visits to the dog hotel, and more importantly; your dog will always be happy and excited to see you at collection, this is a great sign, if your pet had been having a dreadful time, they would be depressed and wouldn't have the energy to be happy to see you. When they walk out the gate feeling excited you know it has been a great holiday for them as well as for you.

For the safety of all out guests please ensure all dogs are brought into the facility ON LEASH

BULL TERRIERS: We no longer accept new Bull Terrier clients. It is not because  we dont like them, but for their own personal wellbeing. As our kennels are a social environment where dogs can see each other they constantly rub their roman noses along the kennels looking at the other dogs and in the process rubbing the skin off their noses and injuring themselves.









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