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Frequently Asked Questions - CURRENTLY BEING UPDATED

Frequently Asked Questions


What vaccinations will my pet require?

Dogs -

require a C5 Vaccine which covers Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Bordetella and Canine Parainfluenza (Canine Cough). We require your pets’ vaccination certificate on or prior to arrival and every time it is updated.

Cats -

require an F3 vaccination. This protects against Feline Panleukopaenia (or Enteritis), Feline Calicivirus & Feline Rhinotracheitis. We require your pets’ vaccination certificate on or prior to arrival and every time it is updated.

Please Note: Titer Tests are not accepted at this stage unless done within 2 weeks of every booking

Vaccination Requirements

Charges are calculated per calendar day and count the day of arrival and departure irrespective of the time checked in/out. ie. Check-In on Friday 3rd and Check-Out on Monday 6th = 4 days Accommodation Fees.

All prices are based on individual accommodation, only pets from the same household will be able to have

shared accommodation. Boarding rates do not include additional services such as: Veterinary Treatment or Optional Extras.

A quote will always be sent with your booking confirmation.


Yes. Most pets, just like children on their first day of school, settle in and quickly adjust. We aim to make every guest's visit a comfortable and enjoyable experience. We do this by providing a clean, safe and secure environment with professional animal lovers dedicated to looking after your pet. We love them as we do our own!

***** Doggy Psychology 101: Please talk to your dog in "dog language" when dropping them off for their holiday... if you are calm, assertive and at ease about leaving them, then they will be excited and reassured about staying, if you are anxious/nervous this will relay to your dog and he will feel the same emotions. NEVER pat your dog if they are nervous and tell them "it's ok" this tells them there IS something to be fearful of and makes the settling in period much longer and unenjoyable for them. The best thing for you and your pooch is to say a quick goodbye, leave and then they will be taken out the back into the kennel free of your anxiety! This makes for a quick settling in period and means they start having fun sooner. For this reason 'parents' are not permitted in the kennels upon drop off.

No. Our opening hours are designed to make holidaying with us an enjoyable experience for all our guest's. Guest's are disturbed and get over-excited and bark with the constant arrival and departure of pets checking in and out. This is why we have limited opening hours. We are prepared to tend to pets any time, but expect customers to observe & respect our opening times. Plan your trip allowing for traffic and leave with enough time to get here during our business hours. If you are running late and absolutely not going to get here please phone us during business hours ASAP! If your flight has been delayed please call us from the airport BEFORE you leave.

5 months of age or over.

Puppies and kittens should have their 3rd vaccination at 16 weeks of age. They are not fully covered until 2 weeks after this final juvenile vaccination. For this reason, we cannot accept pets under 5 months of age into the kennels.


Preferably not. We provide trampoline beds with snuggly blankets/doggie doonas for dogs and the cats have a choice of several beds, cuddly blankets and hidey holes for comfort, most pets prefer companionship to toys however all pets are provided with toys in their rooms. Personal belongings in the kennels often get damaged, dirty or lost (other dogs just dont seem to get the concept of sharing ones toys and not breaking them, much like children).

However you may bring coats/jumpers for dogs in Winter, if your dog wears one. 

Any items brought MUST be washable and clearly marked with the pets name. Bean/stuffing filled beds are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Easter, Christmas and June/July (ALL SCHOOL HOLIDAYS) are generally booked out 6 or more months in advance.

If booked out when you call you will be placed on a waiting list and notified if and when a place becomes available.

Yes, For all school holiday bookings

Deposits are required for all Easter, June/July, Sept/Oct & December/January school holiday period bookings.

A non refundable deposit of 10 days payment per pet is required to be paid no later than the due date on quote/deposit invoice. A Deposit Invoice will be emailed to you for any Peak Period bookings requiring a deposit.

Deposits must be paid by due date in email  for confirmation or booking may be cancelled.

We accept Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard or Direct Deposit. We prefer NOT to take cash

Any peak period booking under 10 days must be paid in full by deposit due date.

For booking cancellations with 15 days or more notice deposits will be held and credited to another booking within 6 months, less than 15 days notice deposit will be forfeited. 

Payment/balance for all bookings is required in full, for the dates booked, prior to or at time of check in.

Changes to the dates booked during check in will not be accepted during peak periods and there are no refunds for early pick-ups. The full period booked will be charged in all holiday periods.

We prefer you not to. Unless they are on a diet prescribed by a vet.

We feed a healthy mix of colour free dry biscuits with a gourmet chicken mix (chicken mince, veggies, rice/oats/lentils made fresh here at the kennels) that even the fussiest of dogs won’t turn down.

Our 'menu' is located on the appropriate accommodation information page.

If you must bring your own food or veterinary prescribed diet please bring it in marked zip-lock bags or microwave containers in their daily portions or in bulk with the correct measuring tool.

Please keep in mind that providing your own food will not alter the price as we are happy to take the extra time to prepare and serve any food provided, to your instructions.

Yes. Discounts are offered to  pets holidaying with us for 60 days or more.

In the event of accident or illness a local Veterinary Hospital and Clinic is on call 24/7. If the need is non urgent - we will phone you first, if it is urgent - we phone the vet first and get your pet seen to as quickly as possible. All veterinary associated cost's and transport to and from the vet clinic along with vehicle sterilisation are the responsibility of the pet owner and must be paid prior to check out. Actual Veterinary Fees will be charged to the credit card left on the Vet Consent Form at time of consultation.

"Veterinary Consent Form" MUST be completed prior to or at check in, pets will not be accepted without this form, this is an emergency form only and not used for any other purpose.

Yes. If you feel the need to and it makes you more comfortable. Keep in mind that we will always endeavour to contact you, or an alternate contact person, if there is a problem. (Please do not call every day, we do have other guests to care and cater for)

For a small fee you can also opt to have web updates for your pet where you will be able to see photos and video of your pets at play.

(Click here to view sample)

Please phone and advise us as soon as possible. Except for School Holiday periods, extensions are rarely a problem. Any additional days can be paid for upon pick up.

For cats no problem, as they don't get bathed.

For dogs staying over 7 days you must give us at least 48 hours notice to ensure they still get their complimentary hydrobath. Remember that payment for the dates booked is required at time of check in and there are no refunds for early pick ups.

Yes. Hydrobaths are complimentary for dogs staying 7 days or more. Hydrobaths should be booked and paid at check in for dogs staying under 7 days (See Optional Extras)

If you change your pick up date or time you must give us 24 hours notice prior to your booked departure time, as we aim to keep them clean and dry for the home trip.

Please Note: We will not bath dogs if the temperature is under 10 degrees.

No. Unfortunately due to the large number of stray unruly and unvaccinated dogs wandering around Alice Springs and the growing number of dog attacks, we feel it is in our guests best interest not to be walked outside the premises.

Instead we offer group playtimes several times a day for the social dogs and extra cuddles and one-on-one playtime for the antisocial. The best exercise a dog can get is playing with another dog! Their rambunctious playtimes tire them out quite quickly!

Yes. Grooming is done off site and can be arranged whilst your pet is on holidays with us by one of Alice's friendly and professional groomers.

Or you can call and arrange it yourself!

Anne-Marie Grooming 0403 711 866            

Bark N' Bath Pet Grooming 0417 040 451

Yes. Just like us humans when we go on holidays, our weight can change and so can your pets. A change of atmosphere, extra activity from playing and running around having fun, or eating healthy nutritious food (and there is plenty of good food and water on offer) can all effect your pets weight. A moderate change in weight is not unusual.

Most dogs are "over fed with love"  at home, therefore overweight pets will quite often go home looking a little more trim and taught (and healthier) as they are fed proper proportionate nutrition and not as many 'tid-bits' as they are fed at home.

If your pet is obese, please feel free to talk to us about a weight-watchers fresh food diet plan for when you get home.

After all, our aim is to send your fur-kids home in as good as, or better condition than when they came in for their holiday.


Pawz N Clawz is fully committed to the health and safety of each and every one of its guests. Please follow our guidelines for all medications and ensure you bring enough for the duration of their stay plus a little extra should you need to extend their booking  whilst you’re away. You will find a Form to print and fill in the Menu under "Bookings"